After numerous of conversations, brainstorming meetings and feedback from our customers, we have developed our dashboard with solutions which makes it easier for you to run your business.


Axeptia Credit Intelligence offers great insight and control over your credit portfolio. Get a total overview, drilled down to every little detail per customer.

From high level to details

See aggregated data in a birds-eye view. Track KPI´s, and identify risk distribution in your portfolio. Dig into details for more insight.

Click and filter

Click and filter selections based on data from different sources. Identify areas that need attention.

Data driven decisions

No more decisions made on incomplete picture. Tools for day to day tasks, and the strategic insight for active credit management.

Follow-up with tasks

Create tasks based on new insight and defined rules. Typical example can be to freeze/stop credit on selected customers that shows increased risk.

Actions and alerts

Actions based on insight and own credit policy. Optimize risk with customized warnings and continuous monitoring. Send overdue invoices to your debt collection partner

User management

Define user access based on need. Let users see relevant data based on role, portfolio department and country. 

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