Kredinor enters into agreement with the fintech company Axeptia

A brand new agreement with Axeptia means that Kredinor can offer customers and clients a better overview of their own data. .

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A statement from Commercial director of Kredinor, she says:
– Our clients have an urge to simplify and automate the follow-up of their customers. The innovative credit management tool from Axeptia is spot on!


Innovative way of connecting data

The technology Axeptia is offering, collects and presents customer information from the financial system, credit bureau and debt collection company on one platform. The combination of the data sources in the same interface gives you a total overview of your customer portfolio, and therefore an opportunity to streamline customer follow-up.

 Within the credit field, the work has been solely dependent on manual work, which we wanted to change, Per Nestor Warp, CEO of Axeptia says. Integrations that connect information from debt collection, ERP-system and credit bureau have mostly been possible through large consulting projects reserved for the largest companies. As an answer to that, we present you this solution, where everything is gathered and presented on one platform. We have only received positive feedback from the market, says Warp.


More than a debt collector company

Kredinor delivers solutions in an increasingly large part of the value chain and follows the development of customer needs closely.

– The development within automation and simplification is moving quicker everyday, however there are still many hurdles because the systems do not communicate with each other. Axeptia does have a solution to this problem, by reducing the need for manual handling, says Audun Rønning Danielsen.

The solution links two systems together. The finance department will have a total overview of contract agreements and credit rating, to invoicing, payment follow-up and until the money is in the account. If the customers do not pay. there will be a functional connection to debt collectors in the solution.

– For us at Axeptia does means cooperation with Kredinor a lot. They are one of biggest debt collector companies with a fascinating customer base, strong professional environment within analysis and service development. We complement each other quite well, says Per Nestor Warp.

– Our ambition is to be at the forefront of development, and to succeed with that, we need partners who have the same ambition. We are therefore very pleased to be able to offer our clients the fully developed solution from Axeptia Credit Intelligence, concludes Audun Rønningen Danielsen in Kredinor.


About Axeptia

Axeptia Credit Intelligence is a credit management software who helps businesses reduce recievable invoices and reduce credit risk. Axeptia was founded by Stian Bølskog Davidsen and Per Nestor Warp in 2017.

About Kredinor

Kredinor is one of Norway’s largest debt collection companies, with solutions in the entire value chain, from invoicing and payment follow-up to debt collection and legal proceedings. The company was established in 1905 and is cooperative, with headquarters in Oslo and 8 branch offices throughout Norway.


For more information, please contact:
Axeptia, CEO Per Nestor Warp: +47 995 81 166
Kredinor SA, Commeercial director Audun Rønningen Danielsen: +47 450 28 792