Axeptia Credit Intelligence is now integrated in the accounting system PowerOffice Go!

You know your customers better than anyone else, however you’re might not updated on the credit risk your customer base has. This integration will get you detailed insight about the credit risk associated to your customers, furthermore present your business a opportunity to follow up on your customers, so you can improve your liquidity!

Easy access to Axeptia Credit Intelligence


Follow these steps if you’re interested in a Axeptia PowerOffice Go try out:

  1. Log in with your Power Office Go access
  2. Click on “Menu” –> “Settings” –> “Add-ons” under the grouping “System”
  3. Click on the green button “Add an Add-ons” and find Axeptia in the drop down menu.
  4. Send an E-mail to with the client key which shows on your PowerOffice Go. Or you can fill out a contact form at the bottom of the page and you will be contacted by Jonas or Ali.
  5. Axeptia will create an access
  6. You will get an E-mail regarding your new access.



Nedtrekksmeny i powerOffice go

NB: In the field for “Client Key” the key will appear in your PowerOffice Go program, which is necessary for the integration between Axeptia and PowerOffice Go.

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