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Credit management software helping businesses to reduce outstanding invoices and reduce credit risk.
Updated information on customers, less manual work and no maintenance of integrations.
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Reduce outstanding invoices

Improved customer risk assessment

Always updated relevant data

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Identify risk

Identify risk in your customer portfolio. Optimize risk with customized early warnings and continuous monitoring.

From high level to details

See aggregated data in a birds-eye view. Track KPI´s, and identify risk distribution in your portfolio. ​Dig into details for more insight.​

Secure cashflow

Reduce outstanding invoices and improve your liquidity.

Actions and alerts

Actions based on insight and own credit policy. Send overdue invoices to your debt collection partner​.

All in one place

Standardized integrations to ERP systems, credit information providers and debt collection agencies, gives you updated and relevant data. Integrations, insight, maintenance and support, all included.

Data driven decisions

No more decisions made on incomplete picture. Tools for day to day tasks, and the operational and strategic insight for active credit management. Easy administration - across the whole organization.​

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